• Technical Specification:

    Water Tender on two-axle chassis equipped with centrifugal water pump, 6000 liters water tank capacity, tear agent tank and remote controlled monitor.

    1. CHASSIS
    Two-axle chassis, front axle engageable drive, longitudinal frame. Model: M-B ATEGO 1823 AK Manufacturer: Daimler Chrysler A.G. Driver's cab windows and warning device provided with protective screen.

    1.2 Electric accessories

    The vehicle is equipped with a connection for outside battery- charging, situated close to the driver's entry.

  • Side marker lamps are on sides of the vehicle.
  • Engagement of the reverse speed is signalized by an audible alarm.
  • Fog lights are below the front bumper.

    1.3 Warning light and acoustic devices

    The VOAZ 12 light bar with two rotating beacons, the siren with tone selection ("WAIL", "YELP", "HI-LO"), and the loud-speaker for public address are fitted on the driver's cab roof.

  • Rotating beacon in the rear part of the superstructure.

    1.4 Camera system The vehicle is equipped with cameras to scan the vehicle surroundings. Pictures are transmitted to the monitor located in the driver's cab. The operator may change over the display of shootings from individual cameras and record the pictures by means of videorecorder.


    2.1 Body

    The body is divided into three separately installed parts:

  • front compartment for accessories
  • tank for water, covered with side panels
  • rear compartment for accessories and pumping equipment

    2.1.1 Front compartment

    The front compartment frame is welded from steel sections and covered with aluminium plates bonded to the frame. The inside equipment is made of moulded aluminium plate. The top platform is covered with the same plate bonded to the frame. Side compartments are closed with hinged doors.

    2.1.2 Side panels

    The body side panels with rear axle wheel arches cover all tank sides and also provide border of the top working platform. The body side panels are welded from steel sections and covered with aluminium plate bonded to the frame.

    2.1.3 Rear compartment

    As for the design, the rear compartment is similar to the front compartment, but in the rear side there is mounted a hinged door (liftgate) with gas springs. The door covers the compartment with the pumping equipment. The upper part of the compartment is provided with a ventilation that ensures the venting and cooling of the area where the pump is fitted.

    2.2 Tanks

    2.2.1 Water tank

    Water tank is of a prismatic design. It is welded from steel plates (4mm thickness) and reinforced by U-irons. On the bottom part of the tank there are mounted two longitudinal beams, by which the tank is bolted to the footings of the chassis longitudinal frame. The tank is fitted with a device for remote control of water volume. On the upper side there is a manhole (diameter 450 mm) with hinged cover. Its shut-off mechanism operates also as the safety pressure relief valve protecting the tank against damage during filling. The diaphragm valve cylindrical housing is situated next to the manhole opening. The diaphragm valve allows for breathing of the tank when the pumping equipment is in operation, and carrying away excess water under the vehicle when overfilling the tank. The monitor pipeline passes through the tank. The DN 100 flange for connecting with the pump intake is in the bottom part of the tank.

  • Tank capacity 6 000 litres
  • Test pressure 20 kPa

    2.2.2 Tear agent tank

    The tank is welded from stainless steel plates. It is fitted with the filler opening with protective border for rapid filling on the upper part of the tank, the diaphragm bleeder valve with overflow and the device for remote control of quantity. The flange for connecting the tear agent pipeline with the proportioning system is in the bottom part of the tank.

  • Tank capacity 200 liters

    2.2.3 Flush water tank

    The tank is welded from stainless steel plates and mounted in the rear compartment. The tank is used to retain the water utilized for flushing (cleaning) of the pumping equipment when finishing the tear agent discharging. The ball cock for the tank drainage is in the bottom part of the tank.

  • Tank capacity 200 liters

    2.3 Fire pump

    The fire pump is mounted in the rear compartment of the vehicle. It is provided with a combustion engine. The pump is remote controlled from the driver's cab. Technical data: Rated flow rate 1 500 l.min-1

    Rated pressure 1.0 MPa

    2.4 Proportioning system

    The proportioning system consists of a jet proportioner, control flap, electronic control and connecting pipeline. The tear agent is sucked in the water pump intake.

    The adjusted proportioning percentage is maintained automatically and independently from the actual pressure and flow rate at the pump outlet and it is shown on the display of the electronic unit.

    Volume of tear agent sucked-in: 1 to 100 l.min-1

    The control panel in the driver's cab comprises the following controls and instruments:

  • fire pump control elements (start, accelerator, pressure gauge, other controls and instruments)
  • water level gauge
  • monitor control
  • controls and instruments for tear agent proportioning system
  • controls of protective nozzles system
  • controls and instruments for camera system
  • other controls and instruments

    2.5 Monitor

    The hand operated rotary monitor is mounted on the roof of the front cab for accessories. It is extended by a pneumatic cylinder from transport position to working position (400mm stroke). The monitor is fitted with fixed STORZ B 75 coupling for connecting to water branchpipe.

    Rotation range: horizontal 360
    -15 to +70

    2.5.1 Water branchpipe on the monitor

    3 nozzles of the following parameters are the standard equipment:

     Working pressure        Nozzle diameter    Flow rate     Throw range
              (MPa)                          (mm)              (l.min-1)
                 0.8                               21
      800                 55
      1200                60
      1600                65
                 1.2                               21
      1200                60
      1800                70
      2400                75

    2.6 Protective nozzles system

    The vehicle is equipped with protective nozzles alongside and at exposed areas (tyres, camera cover, driver's cab windows, etc.). The nozzles ensure the protection against radiated heat caused by frangible grenades, as well as the washing of camera cover and driver's cab windows in case of contamination with pollutant.

    2.7 Sprinkling bar

    The sprinkling bar is mounted below the front bumper. It consists of longitudinal tube with nozzles, equally placed. Supply of pressurized water is operated on the control panel located in the driver's cab.

    2.8 Compartments for accessories

    The rooms for accessories in the front and rear compartments are closed with doors. The door locks avoid any undesirable entry. The interior lighting is switched on automatically when opening the door. Opening of the compartment is indicated on the driver's instrument panel. The shelves (boxes) for accessories are made of aluminium plates.

    2.9 Surface finish
    Surface finish of bodywork plates - structure:
  • BODY EPOXY PRIMER priming coat - epoxide two-pack paint
  • BODY 3+1 filler
  • acrylate two-pack filler
  • BODY AUTO LACK 2K top enamel - acrylate two-pack enamel

    Basic colour tone: RAL 3000

    Surface finish of wheel arches:
    Spray for protection against particles flying off from the wheels is added. 3 COMPLETE VEHICLE

    3.1 Dimensions

                 7 050 mm
      2 550      mm
     Height incl. monitor
          3 200 mm
     Angle of approach
     Angle of departure

    3.2  Weights
     Curb weight (without accessories) 10 800 kg
                7 200 kg
     Gross vehicle weight
      18 000 kg

    1 No: Safety belts cutter
    1 No: Dry powder fire extinguisher PG 2
    1 No: VRVN 1 rescue tool
    10 pairs: Surgical gloves
    4 Nos: Suction hose 110

    Note: Above data are based on the vehicle project and may be different in the final design.

    Balistic protection of crew cab
    Level of ballistic protection B4+
    Ballistic specification according CEN 6310 Europanorm.
  • (AK47 Kalashnikov 7,62x39, VM/WK)
  • (M16-A1
  • M-193 ).
  • 357 Magnum SW, F.M.J. CCI
  • 44 Magnum SW 6'' , JSP Speer
    Ballistic entrenchment space of cab:
  • Transparent parts -multilayered SF glass with polycarbonate to prevent inner flight of small fragments, including electric heating of windscreen. All windows fixed.
  • Opaque parts -vertical sides, incl. joints and front part behind dashboard

    Door- hinges will be reinforced


    Floor (against AP mines DM 31)

    Materials used for armouring:
  • Aramid composit
  • Ballistic steel
  • Polycarbonated glass

    Standard equipment:

    a.. Preassembly cabling for VHF/UHF, GSM, GPS
    b.. Communication system between inside and outside

  • intercom
    c.. Hand fire extinguisher
    d.. Washable upholstery of interior cab
    e.. Small lamp for map-reading for co-driver
    f.. Reinforcement for ligting the cab
    g.. Technical manuals for armouring parts ( CD)
    h.. Catalogue of Spare Parts (CD)
    i.. Maintenance and Repair manual(CD)

    Unit price for armouring in B4+with standard equipment, special RIOT Control equipment with chassis MERCEDES BENZ Atego 1823 K

    Extra equipment
  • Run flat system for one tire...2 300 EUR0
  • Filter ventilation- Bio filtration device MK 15/24 which engulfs hydrocarbons, esters, ketones, carburetted, hydrogens and alcohols 5 000 EUR0

    Guarantee: One years guarantee on all equipment and adjustment made by firm.

    Term delivery: Till 8-12 weeks ex factory after receipt of firm order.

    Term of payment: 50% deposit

  • balance at the delivery

    Pricing information - contact Lasco Intl. Group