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 Transit / Cash Vans from Lasco 
Each vehicle has a 9500 lb GVW and is adequate for armoring:

Armoured CIT boullion van (32)
ARMORED 2008 Ford F550 Cash Transit Vehicle
Lasco Price: $93,000.00

- 6.8 V10 engine
- Automatic Transmission
- DVR system
- Crew: up to 4 pass.
- Mileage: none
- Armor Level B6

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2010 Ford E350
Starting at $53K

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1998 Chevrolet Astro
Armored Money & Valuables Transport
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Ford Ecoline E-350 Armored Transit Van
2004 Ford Ecoline E-350
Armored Van
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GMC Savana G2500 Armored Transit Van
2004 GMC Savana G2500
12 Passenger Armored Van
Armored to Level IV
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Transit Van Front InteriorTRANSIT VAN ARMOR
All vertical panels armored to level II .357 magnum
All horizontal panels armored to level I .9 mm

All glass is level III .44 magnum
1 piece curved windshield
2 flat pieces on front doors
4 cargo windows 13"x 17" (1 cargo door,2 rear doors, ldriver's wall)
1 bulkhead window 13"x17"

Transparent Armor: All glass areas (windshield, rear and side doors, side glass) is curved and flat glass/polycarbonate/glass 6.2 kg/ft2.(13.7 lbs/ft2)
Opaque Armor (Molded Overlap Panels):
body, doors, pillar posts, kick panels, side panels, firewall and other laterals: Armormax® PAC 300: 1.25 kg/ft2
Armormax® PAC 100 Level III
Ballistic fragmentation blanket
Bullet resistant.
Transit Van Rear Interior Ram bumpers: Front and Rear.
Operable Driver Side Window (6" drop)
Fuel Tank:
Self sealing anti-explosion fuel cell. Important notice concerning these systems: Past experience with them has determined that they can interfere with some vehicle model fuel pumps and may affect fuel delivery to the engine. For this reason, we specifically exclude these from our 24 month warranty. Our standard ballistic fragmentation blanket does NOT affect the fuel system. If you wish to revert to the standard fuel tank protection, deduct $ 1,250 from the total per unit charge.
Run Flat Devices:
Five (5) mounted and balanced with steel valve stems.
Vehicle Structural Modifications:
Reinforcement of pillar posts and hinges, heavy duty shocks and suspension as required. Hardened plastic door risers installed on all doors.
Brake system:
Upgrade to high performance when required.

Additional Services:
Locking fuel cap and screen protection on exhaust pipe(s).


Level II with walk through door, sliding door, or solid with no door. Each bulkhead has a window (level III) and gun port.

High security 6 pin lock cylinders replace the OEM cylinders. The side cargo and rear cargo doors are coupled with lock cylinders and slam locks. Secondary heavy duty latches added to each door.

Gun Ports
See Options

Guard Seat
A high back seat is installed with a 3 point seat belt behind the bulk head in the cargo area.

The interior is painted with a gray spatter textured paint called Zolotone. The floor is painted with a nonskid black paint with additional nonskid strips put by the side and rear entrances for added safety from slippage. The exterior remains the original OEM color.

Roof vents
Each vehicle is installed with 3 roof vents. (2 front, 1 rear)

A rear dome light is installed. 2 silent warning lights on the exterior of the vehicle to alert any crew members outside the vehicle of impending danger. These lights are controlled by a switch on the dash board. A door ajar light is installed on the dash board to alert the driver of any open door.

Air conditioning / Heater
A RED DOT 5045 A/C heater is installed on the rear wall of the bulk head. This unit has 33,000 Btu's of power and works in conjunction with the OEM system.

Front suspension upgrade
Every vehicle's front end is upgraded by replacing the springs with heavy duty springs, after which the entire front end is realigned.

TRANSIT VAN OPTIONS (prices subject to change, contact for a current estimate)

Light weight aluminum hand truck with storage rack - $ 175.00
rear suspension upgrade (1,200 IBS) - $ 450.00
Front rain bumper - $ 625.00
Rear step bumper - $ 500.00
ATM shelves(3) - $ 550.00
Shelf (1) - 200.00
Storage bin (1) - $ 450.00
Exterior gun ports (each) - $175.00
Concealed gunports (each) - $125.00
Counter station w/powerstrip, power inverter, swivel seat and fluorescent light...$1,785.00

Custom color (1) - $ 1500.00
Stripe - $ 950.00
Custom color with 1 stripe - .$2,200.00

Electric locks (per lock) - $245. Engine kill switch - $275.00
Siren P.A. - $800.00
Back up alarm - $145.00
Security alarm - $700.00



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