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 Armored Vehicle Specials from Lasco
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2009 Armored F550 20-passenger Bus

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Lasco Special Price: $225,000.00
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2009 Armored F550 20-passenger Bus

Base Vehicle

Ford F550 HD Truck Chassis

Fuel Type



6.4L Turbo diesel V8



Max Power

300hp @ 2,800rpm

Passenger Capacity

20+5 (optional)

Cruising Speed*

100 km/h

Travel Range*

400 km

Protection Level

CEN B6 or NIJ Level IV

LASCO Armored has developed this vehicle to meet the demand for a large passenger capacity armored bus with the "civilian" exterior that does not attract unwanted attention, and does not project a threatening image.

Despite the unique luxury features and a high comfort level, the F550 Bus provides low "cost per seat" ratio, and competes with the smaller and cheaper means or secured passenger transportation.

Standard Armoring Package:
‐ 360
‐ degree perimeter including firewall, roof, floor protection
‐ Multi-layer Ballistic glass, no spall
‐ Reinforced door hinges and door supports
‐ Battery and ECM protection
‐ Suspension reinforced
‐ Runflat devices installed in all wheels
‐ Dual battery system
‐ Fire extinguisher(s)
‐ First aid kit

Interior and Comfort Features:
‐ Automatic side door with manual override
‐ Rear emergency exit door
‐ Aircraft-style overhead storage compartments
‐ Aircraft-style individual seat lighting
‐ Aircraft-style air conditioning outlets

Additional Accessories and Optional Equipment:
‐ Rear TV/DVD screen
‐ Siren/PA/Intercom system
‐ Emergency lights package
‐ Fire suppression system (underbody, engine bay, fuel tank)
‐ DVR equipment
‐ GPS tracking equipment
‐ Radiator protection
‐ Thermal Camera (Night Vision)
‐ 4x4
‐ Extended range fuel tank
‐ Jump seats to accommodate additional (5) passengers






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