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Armored BMW for Rent

BMW Rental

Transparent Armor: All curved glass fabricated with Polycarbonate lamination and interior spall shield to prevent fragmentation.  Glass to be first quality with no blemish or distortion.

Opaque armor: Polyaramid fibers and Astrolloy BP6:33 steel installed on all doors, pillar posts.  Ballistic bomb blanket installed on the roof and floor with specific protection against British L2A2, Russian RGD5, and German anti-personnel grenades.

Suspension: Suspension and brake system outfitted with Bilstein shocks, stabilizer bars and Performance Friction brake pads.

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$65.00 per hour with drivers
$500.00 per 10 hour day
$2500 per week
Monthly rates are available
$1500 - $2500 per 10 hour day
Monthly rates are available



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