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New Toyota Land Cruiser - Middle East
 STD Station Wagon 4x4 LHD

Toyota Land Cruiser
Made especially for extreme climatic and physical conditions.

Vehicle Specs:

Engine Model : 1HZ - 4164cc, Diesel (Tank 951), 6 cylinders, BHP : 129, KW : 96.
Heavy Duty Cooling (Water), electrics 12 Volts.

Transmission : 5 speed, manual
Dual Range Brakes : Front : Disc, Rear : Drum
Air conditioning
El. mirrors, el. heating on mirrors
Power steering
Digital clock
Vinyl floor covering
Fuel lid opener switch (no key)
Heater control panel (dial type)
Rewiring for radio cassette with 2 speakers and manual antenna

Standard Equipment:

Intercom - for inside/outside voice communication
Fire Extinguisher
Wheel with Run flat system - to 15km (5 wheels)
Reinforcing of the basic car chassis
Reinforcing of brakes

Additional Info:

Vehicle available at C&F Kuwait Airport.

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Armoring Specs:

Armoring Level B6

SIG 542 FALFN 7.62X51 NATO, "0", Mil-Ball
AK 47 Kalashnikov, 7.62x39, VM/WK
AKS 74 Kalashnikov 5.45 x 39.5 FMJ
US M-16 rifle 5,56 x 45 FJ/PB/SCP (SS109)
44 Magnum, S.W. 6" F.M.J;
357 Magnum SW, F.M.J. CCI

Transparent parts
All windows are of the SF Type - B6 - 90░. All windows of door are fixed. Rear windows into load compartment and side windows are tinted.

Opaque parts
Ballistic steels and compositions -
Front bulkhead : B6 - 90░; Doors : B6 - 90░; Roof : B6 - 30░/60░; Walls : B6 - 90░; Gaps : B6 - 90░; The floor against splinter and infantry mine : (2x DM-51).

Armoring of fuel tank
Armoring of battery


Land Cruiser Interior View
Interior View
Land Cruiser Rear View
Rear View

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