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Can Your Vehicle Survive a Missile Attack?

armored car, securityIn 1998 Georgian President Eduard Shervardnadze survived a missile attach when 10 plus gunmen opened fire upon his armored Mercedes using automatic rifles and grenades.

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Full Vehicle Custom Build or Retrofit - Featuring:

  • Highest caliber replacement "glass" offering protection from ballistic attacks up to and including AK 47's.

  • Vehicle fully reassembled after being equipped with comprehensive armor protection utilizing steel, Kevlar®, fiberceramics throughout the car with special attention to all of the critical points involving door posts and providing thoroughly seamless integration of materials throughout the vehicle including headliner and floor covering.

  • Supplemental locking devices, siren, protection bands on the tires and reinforced trim. And yet the appearance of your vehicle is practically unchanged!

  • Our procedures are authorized and fully approved by SAAB of Sweden among others and are identical to those being offered by Mercedes Benz to their customers.

  • See our complete list of armoring options here.



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