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Riot Control Vehicles

Water Canon Riot Control Vehicle
2008 Chevrolet CC8500 4x2

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Technical Specifications

2008 Chevrolet CC8500 4x2 Chassis Specification

  • New Chevrolet CC8500 Chassis - Airbrake

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 35,500 lbs.

  • Wheelbase 224"

  • Caterpillar Diesel, 7.2L Inline 6, 250 hp 800 lb-ft Torque

  • Allison 3000 RDS Series (with PTO compatible drive shaft) 6 speed with Overdrive and HD cooling system

  • 6 Goodyear, 12 ply radial tubeless tires

  • Dual 24 volt HD batteries

Armoring Features

  • Armor consists of all welded ballistic grade steel construction. Steel used is tested to protect against 7.62x51mm, M80 NATO Ball ammunition (CEN Level B6).

  • Custom designed stainless steel chassis box with armored bulkhead w/gun-port and sliding door. Box is designed to be level with the top of the wheel-wells to allow for interior and exterior storage compartments.

  • Five sided armoring to Level B6 ballistic standards, with insulated interior lining.

  • Vehicle's armor plates are stitch-welded using high-intensity MIG welders. The above process ensures the structural integrity is not compromised by the thermal and chemical variations of the material. Insulation in sidewalls, ceiling, rear walls, and doors.

  • Front mounted push-bar and HD ram bumper with sight guides.

  • The interior frame, constructed of ballistic grade steel, provides overlap and backup protection for the large-surface principal impact areas such as the doors and windows while reinforcing the structural integrity of the pillars and other areas.

  • Floor is fitted with a blast protection to protect occupants against fragmentation from simultaneous detonation of 2 DM-51 German ordnance hand grenades or equivalent.

  • Vehicle armoring constructed in such a way as to ensure that a projectile following a linear or angled path shall not enter the vehicle's interior without contacting the armor material. In addition to this, the possibility of a projectile entering the vehicle's interior due to a ricochet from the armor shall also be minimized.

  • Ballistic protection of air brake receiver tank and fuel tank with heavy armored box protection around both batteries to armor level B6.

  • 900-gallon water tank mounted in the rear of the custom designed chassis box. Tank is mounted with baffles to reduce movement while vehicle is in motion.

  • Front and rear towing hooks MIG-welded to the frame of the vehicle.


A combination of glass, polycarbonate and Mylar are bonded together using the latest technology, producing one of the finest transparent armors available while incorporating the following qualities:

  • Glass is tested to protect against 7.62x51mm, M80 NATO ball ammunition at a thickness of 39mm.

  • Glass features multiple impact protection with an anti-spall shield to inhibit shattering glass.

  • Finest optical quality tinted glass means there is no de-lamination or discoloration from UV rays.

  • Front modular raised split windshield frame allows for maximum airflow from front vents for quick defrosting/defogging in cold/damp weather conditions.

  • 4 dome glass camera housings mounted over each of the side camera units.


  • Driver door with ASSA lock, rotary latch, deadbolt and gun-port.

  • Passenger door with ASSA lock, rotary latch, deadbolt and gun-port. Two point locking.

  • Side door with ASSA lock, push button electric solenoid, rotary latch, deadbolt and gun-port. Two point locking. Internal step with grab handle.

  • One emergency roof hatch hinged upward over rear seating area.

  • Doors are constructed vault style for maximum security and protection against external removal attempts.

  • All doors feature stainless steel exterior door hinges for maximum durability and security.

  • Stainless steel door restraints at side door.

  • Dual HD nylon door straps to reduce hinge wear at front and side doors.


  • ASSA High Security 6 pin locks on all 3-entry points, with 2 by 1 keying (two front doors on one key, side door on one key).

  • Solenoid activated push button lock control at side door location.

  • Emergency roof hatch equipped with dual internal deadbolts.

  • Manual key override at side cargo door.

  • Lower exterior storage compartments are equipped with ASSA high security locks.

  • Scratch resistant stainless steel plates at outside-keyed entry positions.


  • Complete DOT approved lighting in rear seating area.

  • Torsion mount exterior stop, turn and tail lighting

  • All exposed wiring fitted in HD sleeved looms, securely attached to ensure durability and accessibility.

  • 3 Roof mounted dome lights, 1 in front cab and 2 in rear seating area.

  • Vehicle back-up alarm.

  • Wiring schematic supplied with unit.

  • External PA system with speakers and roof-mounted siren.

  • Roof mounted Siren system with searchlights.

  • 3 Exterior work lights mounted on both sides and rear of vehicle with internal light control panel located over seating area.

  • Front cab and rear passenger mounted radio system for multi-vehicle communication.

  • 5 digital quality camera's mounted, 4 on each side of the vehicle and 1 on the water cannon assembly.

  • 2 picture in picture multi-display LCD monitors, one mounted in the front cab and the second mounted on a pedestal in the rear cannon operators position and directly fed to 5 digital exterior cameras.


  • Manual deadbolts at all exterior door locations.

  • Door ajar warning lights, ceiling mounted instrument pod with illuminated switches (side door).

  • Vehicle alarm system (optional).

Climate Control

  • Factory air conditioning fitted in front cab location.

  • Rear compartment air conditioner/heater Red Dot 5045-2 with independent controls in rear passenger area.

  • Air filtration system designed to filter NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) contaminates throughout interior of vehicle (optional)


  • Cloth-covered driver seat with self-contained air suspension that is high back adjustable with integral headrest and lumbar support.

  • Cloth-covered passenger seat, high back design with integral headrest.

  • Seating system for 10 installed with retractable seat belts and tethers in rear of the vehicle.

  • Rear seating installed on 3 storage units for easy accessibility.

Water Canon Assembly

  • 15 to 500 gallon per minute settings.

  • 360 degree radial travel.

  • Dry chemical nozzle attachment adds optional tear gas tank and proportioning ability (optional).

  • Tear gas canister launcher mounted on the side of the canon and linked to joystick controls (standard).

  • Multifunction joystick control with 3D digital response.

  • PTO Shaft driven flow adjustable pump for monitor supply.

  • All monitor controls and accessories located under cannon controllers seat in compartment area.

  • 900-gallon water tank supplied with 250psi tested 2 1/2 inch water hose with valve operated thread intake nozzle located inside rear lockable storage area. Drain release also located in same area.

Water Canon Details

Genesis Hydraulic Monitor

  • Brass or Pyrolite® construction

  • Up to 1250 gpm through a 3" waterway

  • Continuous 360° rotation, 135° elevation

  • 1 gpm hydraulic motors on both axis

  • Optional manual overrides

  • Optional potentiometers for position feedback or short duration oscillation

Genesis Hydraulic Nozzle

  • Brass master stream nozzle with internal hydraulic cylinder for remote operation

  • Flows up to 1250 gem

  • Adjustable from full fog to straight stream

  • Available with fixed or pressure balanced baffle

  • Spinning teeth for higher quality fog pattern.

Monitor Control System
HPU houses the solenoid valves, hydraulic pump motor, relays and other electric and hydraulic equipment required for operation of the system.

  • Rated for Class 1, Div. 2, Group C&D locations

  • Available for most single or three phase power requirements, please specify

Master or Local Control Panels

  • Joystick for up-down-left-right monitor movement

  • Pushbuttons for nozzle pattern adjustment

  • Pushbutton for power on/off

  • NEMA 4 NEMA 4X enclosures

  • Water and/or foam on/off switches - Optional

  • Touch screens - Optional

  • Monitor position displays - Optional

  • Rated for hazardous locations - Optional

  • Distributed I/O communication (i.e. Dupline, Devicenet, etc.) - Optional

  • Pedestal mount - Optional


STYLE 3595 Shown with Style 5056 Automatic Nozzle
STYLE 3595
Shown with Style 5056 Automatic Nozzle



Monitor Control System
Monitor Control

Additional Equipment

  • Full carpeting of floor of vehicle.

  • Original wiper arms and metal wiper blades.

  • 4 rear-mounted HD rubber bumper guards - full height.

  • Gun-rack mounted to rear containment wall of cannon operator.

  • Equipment rack mounted next to rear side door for shields and helmets.

  • Grab handles conveniently located inside and outside door locations.

  • Central floor mounted storage compartment with grab handle on lid for vest storage.

  • Wall mounted vehicle first aid safety kid mounted in passenger area.

  • 1 HALON and 2 Foam fire extinguishers mounted in vehicle (optional).

  • 6 run-flat tires installed on the vehicle.

  • Vehicle can be painted and decaled to any configuration.

  • 1 Week of training provided on all vehicle operations and specifications.

Ballistic Protection Level Details

The following charts represent the ballistic protection level for the vehicle in present quotation:

Opaque Armor, passenger compartment roof and 4 sides only:

Weapon Caliber Ammunition Velocity
Rifle 7.62 x 51mm M80 NATO Ball 2,750 fps
AK-47 7.62 x 39mm M-1943 2,400 fps
Sub-machine-gun 9 x 19mm LCJJ 1,400 fps
Tokorev 7.62 x 25mm LCSJ 1,600 fps
Hand Gun 44 Magnum LWC 1,443 fps

Transparent Armor:

Weapon Caliber Ammunition Velocity
Rifle 7.62 x 51mm M80 NATO Ball 2,750 fps
AK-47 7.62 x 39mm M-1943 2,400 fps
Sub-machine-gun 9 x 19mm LCJJ 1,400 fps
Tokorev 7.62 x 25mm LCSJ 1,600 fps
Hand Gun 44 Magnum LWC 1,443 fps

Floor of passenger compartment is protected to shield against fragmentation
from 2 (two) DM-51 German ordnance hand grenades or equivalent.



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