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 2015 Mercedes Maybach 62  

Mercedes Maybach

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2015 Mercedes Maybach 62
2 vehicles completed, may be special ordered

Armoring Details:
Vehicle: One (1) Mercedes Maybach 62, passenger luxury vehicle
(Purchased by Lasco for Client)

TAC Protection Level IV: {7.62 NATO x 51; M80 Ball; 5.56 Caliber (.223); M193; 7.62 x 39}
(Same as European Level B6) (30.06 High Power Rifle) (AK-47 and M-16) (12 Gauge Shotgun)
(Same as NIJ 3) (Plus handgun munitions .38 Cal.; 9MM; .357 Cal.; .44 Cal.)

Transparent Armor: Level IV (B6)
Windows - All Curved Glass/Polycarbonate (40mm)
Opaque Armor: Level IV (B6)
Doors - Spectra Shield (Light weight armor)
Pillars and Posts - High Hardened Ballistic Steel
Roof and Floor - Ballistic Nylon
Gas Tank - Ballistic Nylon
Battery - High Hardened Ballistic Steel
Firewall - High Hardened Ballistic Steel
Behind Rear Seat - High Hardened Ballistic Steel
Explosive Protection
Other Additional Equipment Included:
Tires - (4) Special Run Flat Tire Inserts (No Charge)
Nylon door risers on all doors (No Charge)
Shocks and springs are upgraded and reinforced (No Charge)
Braking System is upgraded and reinforced (No Charge)
Reinforced Door Hinges (No Charge)
Optional Equipment Available upon Requested:
Electric Shocking Door Handles (extra)
Smoke Screen System (extra)
Secure Dead Bolt Door Locking System (extra)
Dual Ram Bumpers (extra)
Dual Battery System (extra)
Flashing Front Strobe Lights (extra)
Radiator Protection (extra)
Road Tack Dispensing System (extra)
(4) Door Operable Windows to lower only 6-8 inches (extra)
Overlap Protection between the pillar posts and the door window frames (extra)
Siren/Loudspeaker System (extra)

Added weight: Approximately 1615 lb.

Time of Delivery: 150-180 days or upon completion after receipt of vehicle and deposit.

All materials have been tested and certified to withstand impacts from the above-mentioned weapons.

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