2015 Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser

Lasco Price: $150,000.00


Fully armored to defeat 7.62x51 NATO, AK-47 and M-16 ammunition.
The vehicle is new and is located in Singapore, Indonesia.
Left Hand Drive unit.

Vehicle: (1) 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser, dark metallic green, ivory leather interior, 4.7 liter V8 gasoline engine, 4x4, fully loaded

VIN # JTEHT05J752069741


Lasco Protection Level IV:
{7.62 NATO x 51; M80 Ball; 5.56 Caliber (.223); M193; SS109; M855 7.62 x 39}
(Same as European Level B6)
(30.06 High Power Rifle)
(AK-47 and M-16)
(12 Gauge Shotgun)
(Plus handgun munitions .38 Cal.; 9MM; .357 Cal.; .44 Cal.)


Transparent Armor: Level IV
All Curved Armored Windows Glass/Polycarbonate


Opaque Armor: Level IV

Doors Spectra Shield (Light weight armor)

Pillars and Posts - High Hardened Ballistic Steel
Roof and Floor Ballistic Nylon

Gas Tank - Ballistic Nylon 

Battery High Hardened Ballistic Steel

Firewall High Hardened Ballistic Steel

Rear Hatch High Hardened Ballistic Steel

Explosive Protection


Other Additional Equipment Included:

Tires (4) Special Run Flat Tire Inserts

Nylon door risers on all doors

Shocks and springs are upgraded and reinforced

Braking System is upgraded and reinforced

Reinforced Door Hinges


Optional Equipment Available upon Request:

Smoke Screen System

Operable Front Door Windows

Front and Rear Ram Bumpers

Dual battery system

Siren / Loudspeaker System

Radiator Protection

Overlap Protection


Added weight: Approximately 1650 lb.  

To order this vehicle:
Phone Lasco now at (415) 668-3770

or email Lasco International Group info@lascointl.com