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1997 BMW 750iL


1997 BMW 750iL

Price: $70,000.00
Located in Mexico City



Armored 1997 BMW 750iL Factory Armor Car!!
Fully armored by BMW in Germany to meet CEN B6/B7 Level 5 +standards
5.0 liter V12 engine 315 Hp, 410 torque
Five-speed automatic overdrive transmission
+58000 Km
ABS disc brakes
Air conditioning module must be changed.
AM/FM stereo with 6 CD changer and cassette players
2 row seating
Five-passenger seating
Color Silver / Gray leather

Armor Protection according to manufacturer Level B6
Vehicle armored in Germany by BMW, To meet Level 5 plus or CEN B6 / B7
.44 Magnum,.357 Magnum, 9mm - 7.62 X 39mm, 223 Caliber. - 7.62 x 51mm M80, 5.56 x 45 M193

Base armoring specification - Vehicle armored in Germany by BMW to meet CEN B6 protection.
1) Glass areas: Bullet-resistant glasses are 55mm thick, curved and contoured. Transparent armor multi-layer glass and polycarbonate inner layer to prevent spalling upon ballistic impact. Driver windows lower 6 approx.
2) Body: Doors, pillar posts, side panels, kick-panels, firewall*, and headers (laterals) armored with ballistic steel, in accordance with defined standard of defeat. Internal frame overlap system used throughout
4) Roof: Armored with ballistic steel.
5) Floor: Armored with multi-ply rigid ballistic fragmentation material, molded to form fit contours of floor boards and panels. Protection single German DM51 or US M-67.
6) Vehicle Structured Modifications: Reinforcement of pillar posts and hinges, high pressure heavy duty shocks, and upgrade of suspension to include HD torsion bars, polyurethane bushings.
7) Fuel tank: Protected.
8) Battery: Protected.
9) Electronic control Module (ECM): Protected.
10) Additional accessories: Modified braking system, 4 runflats.

Vehicle good condition, good tires, All windows are delaminated or show bubbles as shown in pictures, can be fixed with light gray tinted film, windshield must be replaced.

Price of vehicle as is. Windshield replacement is included.

Windshield will be replaced.

Vehicle has some body damage.


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