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 Humvee Armoring Kits  

Humvee Armoring Kit
Armoring Price: only $30,000.00 (Level II) plus shipping
or $45,000.00 plus shipping for Level IV armor

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Exclusive Humvee Kits:

"Exclusive armor protection" norm STANAG 4569 level 2 (projectile 7.62x 51 AP NATO, 860 m/s at 30 meters)

Complete kit:
15 pieces, armor steel / 10mm
07 pieces, ballistic glasses / 51mm

Complete screws

US $30,000 plus shipping for level II STANAG 4965, projectile 7.62 x 51 AP (Armor Pierce) NATO (ex-works commando plant)
US $45,000 plus shipping for the level IV NIJ norm, projectile 30.06 AP (Armor Pierce) (ex-works commando plant)



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