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Lasco's Peacekeeper Armor Upgrade Kit

"Peacekeeper" Ballistic Upgrade

Custom ballistic turret with 3 fold down BR transport shields - call for details.

"White" parts in above photos depict ballistic upgrade. Ballistic upgrade may be ordered "complete" or by Section I (driver), Section I (pass), Section II windshield, or Section III rear. Section III ideal for use with an offensive tactic (i.e. backing into assault area), allowing for maximum protection.

OEM Peacekeeper ballistic to 7.62 x 51 military ball - can be upgraded to 5.56 x 45 M193 military ball and JSP 55 gt. commercial hunting round. 

P.D.I.C.'s ballistic upgrade includes:

  • 19-24 pre-cut, pre-drilled pieces of Armet (without gunport parts)
  • Armet, pre-drilled for attachment studs, glued to body then bolted to exterior
  • Factory installation, or available in "kit" form with basic installation instructions
  • Upgrade may be ordered with exterior sides gelcoated to match existing paint
  • Armor upgrades adds approximately 400 pounds
  • Armet easily repaired in field with Repair Kit - no welding necessary
  • Upgrade does not include overlay parts for engine area nor roof

I - driver side: A,B,C,D,E
I - pass. side: A,B,C,D,E
II - windshield area: I
III - rear: J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q

1. Sections I-D, I-P, II, III, factory installation

Contact Lasco

2. Above No. 1, in kit form Contact Lasco
3. Gelcoat finish for No. 1 or 2 above, add Contact Lasco
4. Section III (rear) only, factory installation Contact Lasco
5. Above No. 4, in kit form Contact Lasco
6. Gelcoat finish for No. 4 or 5 above, add Contact Lasco
7. Pallet/packaging per kit Contact Lasco
8. Gelcoat touch-up kit Contact Lasco
9. Armet repair kit Contact Lasco
Prices are f.o.b. CA facility; add applicable sales tax; terms 50/50; ship 10-15 days, ARO and deposit.

Price: Contact us for estimate
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