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Lasco's Filtration System - BE SAFE FROM CHEMICAL ATTACK!
LASCO's Filtration System will be able to provide a filtered atmosphere in a limousine (occupants up to 5 persons), while creating a positive pressure in the cabin to keep out toxic and chemical warfare substances.


The Lasco Vehicle Filtration System will protect its occupants form the outside atmosphere by filtering the air and maintaining a positive pressure inside the passenger cabin.

Lasco Filtration Systems were initially designed for the protection of military vehicle operators in a chemical warfare situation. Since then the application has been used in numerous different fields, from mining, environmental, and security vehicles to name a few.

The VFS-2 filter module may be installed internally (in the trunk) to protect a VIP limousine against chemical and biological warfare agent attack with proper preparation of the vehicle cabin. The cabin must be properly sealed to achieve a positive pressure and this can be accomplished with expert advice from Lasco. The system operates off the vehicle's DC electrical supply.

The filtration system is designed to be used independent of the vehicle's existing air-condition system. Filter elements will have a life of over two years if the system is not switched on and a life of about six months if the system is switched on, but not exposed to the toxic environment. Sound levels emitted from the unit is low and this compact system may be installed very easily by a vehicle modifier.

VFS-2 Filter System
The filter system eliminates harmful particles and gases from the ambient air and channels clean air to a small sealed room.

-Compact, fully-wired system

-Stainless steel filter housing

-Four-stage particle reduction and filtration

-Easy filter change - no tools needed

-Electronic speed control




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