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Weekly Freight
Aircraft Availability

Sourced by Lasco Aviation

Max Payload 6,000 kgs
Max Volume 62 cbm
Door Size w x h (cm) 230 x 180
Cargo Hold l x w x h (cm)
1336 x 210 x 200
Available from July 23 in the US
Max Payload 45,000 kgs
Max Volume 240 cbm
Door Size w x h (cm) 355 x 215
Max number of pallets: 18
Available from July 25 from the US

Max Payload 109,000 kgs
Max Volume 730 cbm
Door Size w x h (cm) 340 x 312
Max number of pallets: 29
Available immediately ex Europe,
Asia and Middle East to US
Max Payload 88,000 kgs.
Max Volume 474 cmb
Door Size w x h (cm) 355 x 259
Max number of pallets: 26
Available from Europe to US
July 25-29 and August 8

Air Charter Specials
We offer specials on flights
available for charter. Contact us to
receive a list of our current specials.

Request an air charter quote.

Aircraft Protection
Lasco Intl. Group is able to supply highly trained aviation security experts that will enable you or your client to travel anywhere in the world knowing that all your security and protection needs are securely looked after.

Our security agents provide a concentric ring of protection.  Lasco Intl. Group protects our principals from an array of threatening situations giving comfort and security throughout. 

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Per Hour
LearJet 24Turbojet37510 mph1,300 miles$1475
LearJet 25Turbojet28510 mph1,400 miles$1575
LearJet 35Fanjet38510 mph2,300 miles$1850
LearJet 55Fanjet17510 mph2,300 miles$2300
Gulfstream IIITurbojet112550 mph4,000 miles$4300
Gulfstream IVFanjet113530 mph5,000 miles$5100
Gulfstream VFanjet114530 mph7,000 miles$TBA
BBJJet3up to 50500 mph7,135 miles$8600
Boeing 727Jet3Passenger
148 - 189
605 mph2,500 miles$7600

 Air Charter Services for Pets

Lasco's Air Charter Services for Pets

Lasco International Group has expanded its services in the Air Charter Services Division. Lasco now offers Secure Air Charter Services for Pets. We will escort and transport your pet using our air charter service division.

Pictures on Left:
Leaving San Francisco Intl Airport
Destination: Hawaii
Welcome aboard, Roger & Cory (King & Queen)

Please contact us for our outstanding Air Charter Services.


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