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Quality Run-Flat Inserts

Run-flat inserts extend the life of the tire in the event of pressure loss. The device acts as a spacer that separates the rim from the tire, thus preventing the rim from damaging the tire. Under these circumstances the car can carry on driving, even if the tires are flat. Lasco offers a range of quality run-flat inserts, whatever your wheel and tire sizes are.

The run-flat system is mounted securely to the rim and is not in contact with the tire during normal fully inflated operation. Run-flat systems can only be used in tubeless tires. Balance of the wheel is not affected after installation. Run-flat inserts available from Lasco are expertly designed and engineered using advanced composite materials and manufactured using precision manufacturing techniques to provide a dependable run-flat consistency and quality. Ballistic tests using 7.62x39 ammunition shows that the structural integrity of the composite material is not affected, even after full penetration of the round through the wall of the insert.

Run-flats are an essential safety measure when in danger of a bullet attack and have the performance capability to get you out of a dangerous or life-threatening situation quickly when your tires lose air pressure.

Static Run FlatBenefits of the “Static” Type Run-Flat
The Static Run-Flat is a lightweight system that perfectly fits the vehicle wheel for precise assembly balance and has a unique bearing surface designed to improve traction and mobility. Leading composite materials will not shatter from ballistic attack and can carry the load of a fully armored vehicle. The two piece construction is quick and easy to install, the static run-flat system does not need specialized equipment to fit. Standard tire mounting equipment is all that is needed. A special lubricant is supplied for application between the inner surface of the run-flat and the rim, to reduce friction and therefore temperature. The Static run-flat system is available to suite 16”, 17”, 18”, 19.5”, 20” and 22.5” rim sizes.

Rotary Run FlatBenefits of the “Rotary” Type Run-Flat
Because the inside diameter of the tire is larger than the outside diameter of the rotary run-flat system, the rotary run-flat device is designed to allow the load bearing surface of the run-flat to rotate on the base when the tire is flat. This rotation helps keep the tire cool and extends the driving distance after a flat tire. Each rotary run-flat is custom-made for a precise fit and balance for every wheel. The rotary run-flat is manufactured using engineering grade compounds and state of the art equipment for exact dimensions and maximum performance. Again, leading composite materials will not shatter from ballistic attack and can carry the load of a fully armored vehicle. Due to the reduced temperature, the rotary run-flat provides better performance than the static run-flat. It is for this reason more suited in applications where temperature is a major concern. The rotary system is presently limited to 16”, 17” and 18” rim sizes.

Additional Information
There are thousands of variations and combinations of tires and wheels so, selection of the proper run-flat is critical to the parts performance and the safety of the vehicles occupants. 

Here are the types of run-flats sold by Lasco: 

Low Profile
Designed for tires with a 70% aspect ratio or lower. Can be used in higher aspect ratio tires when impingement caused by severe road conditions is a concern.

Manufactured to be used with 75% aspect ratio tires or larger. This full size device has been designed to provide 30 miles (50 km) at 30 mph (50 km/h) flat tire driving on normal highway conditions.

Heavy Duty
Custom manufactured Pneumatic tire run-flat devices designed to support extreme weight. Tailor-made solutions are possible for heavy duty applications.

*** Lasco run-flats are approved for use on all U.S. State Department vehicles ***

Please provide the following information when enquiring:

·Vehicle make, model and year
·VIN Number
·Rim Identification code (normally stamped on the rim)
·Type of rim (steel or alloy)
·Tire code
·Quantity required
·Delivery destination

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