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HEODS-35 Ballistic Helmet

Police, Swat TeamsOverview
A multi-layer, light weight, high performance helmet that protects the user's head against impact and ballistic hazards for the use of ground troops, police forces and special units.

The helmet shell is of a multi-layered construction, the layers are a combination of aramid and ballistic polyethylene. The helmet includes a harness assembly combined of head harness made of foam cushioned leather headband, chinstrap and a base for attachment of optional face guard.

Helmet Construction and Components
The shape of the helmet is US PASGT. In accordance with MIL-H-44099A.
Shell thickness is 7.3 0.8 (measuring above the edge profile).
The material of the shell is of a hybrid of aramid and ballistic polyethylene.
The shell edge is cut as an integral part of the pressing process.
The edge profile is adhered so that it is joined on the middle of the backside.
The adhesion of the edge profile should be good all along as the proper glue is used for preparation of the shell edge and the profile with the proper method.
Weight of the complete helmet with all accessories will not be more than 1250g 20g for a Level II, Size Medium; 1350g 20g for a Level IIIA, Size Medium.

Top SoldiersProtection
Ballistic Performance: Tested in compliance with the American National Institute of Justice standard NIJ 0106.01.
Helmets are tested for penetration and back face deformation at Level IIIA using 9mm and .44 Magnum ammunition.
Tested with v50 ballistic test according to MIL-STD-662E, min. 2000 ft/sec. (Level IIIA)
Ballistic protection to 9mm 124G FMJ according to NIJ-STD-0106.01, 1175 50ft/sec (Level IIIA)

Optional Face Guard
Each helmet will include the connecting point for an add-on face guard. The face guard when needed shall be fixed in place by a simple method of screws one on each side, designed to be closed shut by the user without requiring any tools, two types of face guards are available:
A simple 4 mm transparent face guard for impact. (Model HEODS-35P)
A ballistic face guard at a weight of no more than 1500gr including all accessories with the ballistic performance; to stop a 9 mm FMJ bullet, weight 8 gr., Velocity of 332 Meters per second. (Model HEODS-35S)

Ballistic Helmet
Protection Level IIIA
(.44 magnum)

 Ballistic Helmet
Protection Level IIIA
(.44 magnum)

This is the ballistic helmet used by the FBI, US Navy SEALS and other military and police forces in over 60 countries. Manufactured by RBR of England, it is the helmet of choice due to its ballistic performance, low weight, comfort, and unobstructed vision. This helmet meets NIJ Level IIIA and weighs only 2.76 lbs (size medium). Utilizing the superior British suspension system, the helmet rides the head with no unwanted motion. The profile of the helmet allows shooting from the prone position without neck discomfort. This ballistic helmet weighs 3.20 lbs (1.45 kg). Area 1.40 ft2 (0.13m2), trauma less than 1 in. (25mm). Thickness: .33 in. (8.5 mm). This sleek helmet is 100% bullet proof since there is no hole for the nail on face of helmet. The helmet meets NIJ Level IIIA protection.


Model A
Ballistic Helmet - green

For measurements please measure around the head just above the eyebrow.

Please email your request for helmets. There is a minimum of 5 helmets per order.

Model B
Ballistic Helmet - black

One size available, fits most.

Please email your request for helmets. There is a minimum of 5 helmets per order.

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