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Vehicle Filtration System

VFS-2 Vehicle Filtration System

Mobile Command Center with Complete Vehicle Filtration System installed
Mobile Command Center using VS-2 Filter Systems

The filter system is a positive pressure ventilation system, which removes harmful particles and gases from the ambient air and channels clean air to the driver's cabin.

  • Compact, easily installed system

  • Stainless steel filter housing, designed for external installation

  • Three-stage filtration, four filter elements

  • Adaptable to external high capacity cyclone/coarse dust filter

  • Easy filter change - no tools needed

  • Economical when used under normal conditions (without gas filter) to supply cab with dust-free air

Complete Vehicle Filtration System, filter system, particle filter, toxic gas filter, cyclone, cap, bracket, cyclone filter



Part Number

Filter System VS-2



Replacement Filters

Particle Filter VS-2


Vehicle Filter A


Vehicle Filter ABEK


Cyclone + Cap + Bracket


Cyclone Filter


Order Complete Filtration System:
1 - Filter System VS-2
1 - Particle Filter VS-2
2 - Toxic Gas Filter A
1 - Cyclone + Cap + Bracket
1 - Cyclone Filter

Price: $10,999.00





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