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Bullet Resistant Composites

Lascoshield, BlackJack, and Laminated Spectra Ballistic Panels

Example Spectra Composite with Bullet Hole, Bullet Resistant Fabrics Composites

Spectraź is the strongest, lightest man-made fiber. Spectra bullet resistant composite is 10 times stronger than steel, 40 percent stronger than aramids and stronger and lighter than virtually every other commercial high modulus panel. Spectra is light enough to float on water, exhibits superior resistance to chemicals, water and UV light. It has excellent vibration dampening, flex fatigue and internal fiber-friction characteristics.

Spectraź fiber's outstanding visco-elastic properties means that the faster and harder the impact from a bullet, the stronger these fibers become, making them ideal for hard and soft body armor.

Spectraź fibers are used in numerous applications, including police and military ballistic vests; helmets and armored vehicles; sailcloth; fishing lines; marine cordage and lifting slings; and cut resistant gloves and safety apparel.

Photo of Lascoshield and Blackjack, Bullet Resistant Fabrics Composites
Lascoshield and Blackjack

Lascoshield and BlackJack are Flexible Aramid Ballistic Panels.

Product Statement: Lightweight Flexible ballistic armor aramid matric system.
Product Advantages: BlackJack is designed with manufacturing requirements for weight, cost, flexibility and performance in mind. Ease of cutting and installation reduces overall cost of the finished product.



Ceramic Tiles for Armoring, Bullet Resistant Fabrics Composites
Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles for Armoring






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