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Armoring Information

Armored Features on a Mercedes Benz Guard S500

Lasco Armoring
Steel Shells

Armoring Options & Accessories (See Printable List)

Numerous options & accessories are available to provide added security as required:

  • One-piece Bullet Resistant Windshields

  • One-piece Bullet Resistant Rear Window

  • One-piece Bullet Resistant Side Windows

  • Transparent Partition (driver and rear side)

  • Armor Battery

  • Armor Fuel Tank

  • Intercom System

  • Alarm Siren and PA System

  • Remote Engine Start System

  • Immobilizing Switch

  • Tear Gas Emission System

  • Gas Masks

  • Filtered Air System

  • Smoke Screen Emission System

  • Electrified (Shock) System

  • Gun Ports

  • Reinforced Ram Bumper

  • Reinforced Ram Bumper

  • Heavy Duty Springs and Shocks

  • Electric Door Locks

  • Locking Door and Hood -- Alarm System

  • Run Flat Safety Tires

  • Bullet Resistant Panels

  • Grenade Resistant Panels

  • Emergency Tracker Unit

  • Oxygen Cylinders

Run Flat Tire System

Run Flat Tire - up close

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Basic Areas of Protection

All Transparent Areas - Polycarbonate panels are fitted to the interior of the vehicle behind the original glass as supplied with the automobile. Optional one-piece replacements are available, this laminated assembly consists of exterior SL glass with polycarbonate sheets bonded to carved, custom fitted glass, clarity and optical refraction are minimized.

Opaque areas protected are: Firewall, floor, ceiling, sidewalls and rear. Armor employed depends upon level of protection selected. Weight is a primary consideration and materials must be selected to maintain optimum overall vehicle weight while developing the desired levels of protection. Let the professionals at Lasco International Group design a customized solution for YOUR vehicle security needs..... Prices begin @ $24,675

>>Details about the Armoring Process